Family Trees
Family Names D-G

15.01.127 b Dantzler - Dantzler Family, The

15.01.67 b Dantzler - David and Elizabeth Shuler Dantzler Family, The

15.01.68 b Dantzler - Descendants of Lewis M. Dantzler

15.01.72 b Dukes - Dukes Family, The

15.01.73 b Dukes - Dukes Family, The

15.01.228 b Dukes - Family of George E. Dukes

15.01.145 b Dukes - Joe Sidney Dukes and Cora Annie Susan Bryant Dukes Family Data

15.01.66 b Dukes - Joseph Sydney Dukes Family

15.01.123 b Durr - Descendants of Peter Durr

15.01.71 b Fralick - Fralick Family of Orangeburg County, SC, The

14.06.13 b Fralix - Descendants of Hyram Fralix

15.01.69 b Fralix - Generation Directory of Barney L. & Minnie A. Fralix Family

15.01.70 b Funchess - Funchess Family, The

15.01.117 b Gavin - Charles Gavin I

15.01.117 b Gavin - Descendants of Charles Gavin I

15.01.59 b George - Descendants of Henry Jacob George b George - George Family History b Gholson-Gholson Vol. III

15.01.273 b Glover - Colonel Joseph Glover and His Descendants

15.01.60 b Golson - Golson, Gholson, Goldston, Golston Family Vol. I

15.01.61 b Golson - Golson, Gholson, Goldston, Golston Family Vol. II

15.01.06 b Gregg - Crane’s Foot or Pedigree*, A (of the Branches of the
Gregg, Stuart, Robertson, Dobbs and Allied Families)

15.01.177 b Gruber - Descendants of Christian Gruber and Descendants of
Jacob Riche and Descendants of Jeandela Fontaine

15.01.176 b Gruber - Descendants of John Gruber

15.01.226 b Gruber - Descendants of John William Gruber

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