Family Trees
Family Names L-O

15.01.139 b Lawrence - Descendants of Nathaniel Lawrence

15.01.242 b Lefvendahl - Lefvendahl, and Smoak : Related Family Records

15.01.267 b Linder - Southern Linders Vol. II: Jacob Simon
Linder of Colleton County of South Carolina

15. 01. 171 b McAlhany - Family History of Ben F. McAlhany, The

15. 01. 209 b McAlhany - McAlhany Family Heritage Ancestry and Descendants
of Benjamin Barnet McAlhany and Elizabeth Bozard, The

15.01.186 b McAlhany - Rev. John Rhoad and Mrs. Catherine Linder McAlhany

15.01.207 b McAlnany - Descendants of Robert McAlhany

15.01.203 b McGrew - Genealogy of Alexander McGrew of
Amelia Township of South Carolina

15.01.285 b Mellard - Two Bills and A George: History of Mellard,
Shingler, and Connor Families of South Carolina

15.01.241 b Meyers - Lewis Meyers

15.01.17 b Miller - Austin Roots Peggy & Floyd Miller

15.01.53 b Mizzell - Henry and Annie Mizzell Family, The

15.01.286 b Moorer - Descendants of Anne C. Moorer

15.01.276 b Moorer - Jacob Moorer

15.01.290 b Moorer - Moorer and More : The Peter Moorer Family of South Carolina

14.09.03 b Muckenfuss - Michael Muckenfuss Four Holes: St. George Parish

15.01.215 b Muckenfuss - Michael Muckenfuss of Four-Holes
St George Parish

15.01.206 b Murer (Moorer) - Descendants of Cenntz Murer (Moorer)

14.06.08 b Murer (Moorer) - Descendants of Peter Murer:
Called by the name Moorer

15.01.208 b Murray - Descendants of George Mac Murray

15.01.223 b Murray - Descendants of William Murray II

15.01.184 b Murray - Descendants of William Murray III

15.01.274 b Murray - Echoes in Time: The Murray, Connor, and
Moorer Families of South Carolina

15.01.231 b Murray - William Murray and Martha McQuillan, The

15.01.230 b Murray - William Murray Jr., Martha Jane Murray, John Soule
Murray Family History Update to William Murray and Martha McQuillan Family

15.01.241 b Myers - Reverend Lewis Myers

15.01.214 b Nettles - Nettles Family, The

14.06.26 b Ott - Ott Family History: The Descendants of John Abraham
David Ott, An

15.01.213 b Ott - Ott’s Genealogical Records , The

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