“Discover With Us”


Our mission is to discover, preserve, and promote the history of the Inland Lowcountry by weaving the stories of our people, land, and culture into the fabric of daily life and future growth.


Our vision is an inland Lowcountry where everyone has knowledge of our extraordinary and unfolding history, with great schools enriched by immersive learning experiences, where individuals and communities are connected by a deep appreciation of place, history and each other, and all recognize that we are part of a larger story – our story.


The DHC was chartered in March 2014 and moved into the Historic Dorchester County Courthouse in May 2015. Digitizing efforts began in June and there are now over 30,000 documents digitized for researchers.  Due to the outpouring of support and many donations, there are still tens of thousands to digitize.

Dorchester Heritage Center is a non-profit organization chartered in 2014.

Located in the Old County Courthouse at 101 Ridge Street, Saint George, South Carolina 29477